Why is our ADP so good?



(Same 20 rd format as Footballguys Championship and Main Event)
Best Ball
Superflex Best Ball
Dynasty Startup
Dynasty Rookie
Pros vs Joes
Last 3 Days
Last 3 Days
Last 14 Days
March-August 2018
May-July 2018
Post Free Agency 3/14
Feb-May 2018
Feb – March (Free)

The 2018 fantasy football season is in full swing at the FFPC, and we have the ADP above to help you navigate the waters when you jump into their draft experts (best ball) leagues starting at $35 and up.

What’s so great about our ADP versus others? We do a few things differently.

First, we split out the results of the drafts into Draft Experts, Classic (20 round), and Superflex. Without doing this, rankings won’t reflect the nuances of that particular type of draft. Draft Expert is 28 rounds, Classic is 20, and Superflex will have QB’s higher. Ditto on Dynasty Startup vs Rookie Dynasty leagues. You need to separate between the two. Not all Dynasty’s are created equal.

Second, the ADP tables are colorized, in a simple table format (making it easy to print or copy to your own files), and are sortable by every column. Here’s an example.

Third, all ADP is updated daily in the AM. You can even see the timestamp of when the data was generated on the table itself. How often is other ADP you see updated?

Finally, you can click on any player to see a scatter plot diagram and see EXACTLY where a player has been selected in every draft in that format. Jerick McKinnon, for example, has been getting selected earlier and earlier over the course of the draft season.

In addition to ADP, our FFPC Draft boards are also an invaluable tool. Pure ADP numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Seeing the draft boards provides context, and augments ADP knowledge. For instance, you can answer questions like “what group of players is likely to be available at 2/3 turn if I am drafting 1-3 overall?”. What has actually happened in drafts? How are people constructing rosters overall?

FFPC ADP content for 2018 has additional ADP criteria (min, avg, max drafted positions), and also sortable column headers.

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