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FFPC Best Ball Winning Roster Construction

Cracking the code of the best roster construction in FFPC Best Ball drafts has been pursued by many. Because of the unique scoring and lineup requirements of the format, it is difficult to say definitively that “x” number of players drafted at each position provides


(Note: FFPC ADP becomes subscriber only content as of 4/24) Why is our ADP so good? Classic   (Same 20 rd format as Footballguys Championship and Main Event) Best Ball Superflex Best Ball Dynasty Startup Dynasty Rookie Pros vs Joes Since 7/10 (Post McCoy News)

2018 Pros Vs Joes

Who are the real “experts” in fantasy football? Are they the people who risk thousands of dollars in entry fees to enter high stakes fantasy football leagues? Or are they the people whose articles and player rankings that we read on a daily basis across

2017 FFPC Leagues

See the draft board, draft report, and rosters for EVERY FFPC league drafted in 2017. League data broken down by league type Main Event Footballguys Classic Draft Experts Dynasty Other Super Bracket Terminator Varsity Big Payback High Society Auction Are you looking for information on