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Episode 9 (7/20/2019) – In this episode we discuss the impact of a “no suspension” Tyreek Hill landscape and the impact on tournament competitions. We also go into detail on the FFPC Terminator competition, which is “Best Ball with a Twist”. We love it! Also talking a little about Pros Vs Joes and how ADP needs to be supplemented with draft board review.

Episode 8 (5/26/2019) – In this episode we discuss the Footballguys Players Championship and review my team (drafted in position 12), as well as grade the other teams. We get a little bit into the theory of how you may want to approach these drafts, as a league that culminates into a large pool of teams in a tournament versus an individual league where you are only competing against your immediate league mates for the title.

View the draft board HERE

Episode 7 (5/5/2019) – In this episode I go over my picks in the 2019 FFPC Revelations Draft conducted on May 2nd, go into why I ignored Todd Gurley at 1.12 and 2.01, and my thought process as the picks were made in the process of constructing the team.

We’ll discuss how an FFPC Classic league compares to a Footballguys Players Championship league. We also discuss how you can use the Classic Draft ADP to assist you in your FBGuys leagues, and where you can find info on ongoing FBGuys leagues.

Episode 6 (4/26/2019) – Listen in on the details of the 2019 Pros vs Joes Draft Challenge. We get into how it works and how YOU can be a part of it.

Episode 5 (3/16/2019) – After a wild opening week of NFL free agency and some high profile trades, we recap the impact of all the moves in terms of FFPC Best Ball ADP.

Episode 4 (3/7/2019) – In the world of chess, there is a lot of game theory around “the opening move”. In fantasy drafts, it’s a similar situation. How you draft your first few players lays the groundwork for your draft. We dove into the the past two years of FFPC Best Ball (non superflex) draft data and looked at team win rate in relation to the positions selected with their first two picks. Would we see patterns?

Analysis Summary Chart discussed is found HERE

Episode 3 (3/3/2019) – We participated in a live FFPC $35 Best Ball Draft on Sunday night (3/3) of the NFL combine weekend. We go round by round for the first half of the draft, discussing team approaches, and the psychological difference between a live draft versus a slow draft. At the end of the draft we analyze the final roster construction applied by each team, and refer to our 2018 Best Ball Win Rate data to see if anyone strayed too far off the path of what would be considered a reasonable team composition.

Draft board referenced is HERE

Episode 2 (3/2/2019) – Discussing impact of initial combine results, reflected in the 3/1/2019 Live FFPC Best Ball Draft

Episode 1 (3/1/2019) – Podcast Introduction – What to expect moving forward