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2020 FFPC Best Ball ADP

Best Ball Satellites drafted Tuesday 01/14 thru Friday 01/31 [CSV File] (generated Jan-18-2020 08:20) Overall Player Drafted Position Leagues Drafted Min Draft Pos Avg Draft Pos Max Draft Pos 1 Christian McCaffrey RB1 8 1 (1.1) 1 (1.1) 2 (1.2) 2 Saquon Barkley RB2 8

2019 FFPC League Prize Winners

See the prize winners, draft board, and rosters for most every FFPC league drafted in 2019. The page below links to a listing of most all 2019 FFPC league winners with the prize(s) they received. All 2019 FFPC Prize Winners Members can dive deeper. View

2019 FFPC Championship Bracket Ownership Percentages Week 13

Ownership percentages for Teams in the Championship Round of the 2019 FFPC Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship (Week 13 Friday 11/29) Note: the % Started columns show the percentage of owners in the Championship round that are starting the player. So a player may

2019 Footballguys Championship Ownership Percentages

Ownership percentages for 2019 Footballguys Players Championship (generated Nov-28-2019 06:53) Player Drafted Position Rostered Rostered % Contest Wide Started Started % Contest Wide Started % Amongst Owners Aaron Rodgers QB 700 100% 415 59.29% 59.29% Deshaun Watson QB 700 100% 520 74.29% 74.29% Drew Brees