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2019 FFPC Player Owned/Started Percentages

Date Main Event and FBGuys Championship Round Friday 12/13 – Championship Rd Week 2 [Report] Sunday 12/08 – Championship Rd Week 1 [Report] Tuesday 12/03 – Championship Rd Week 1 [Report] Friday 11/29 [Report] Tuesday 11/19 [Report] Date Main Event Footballguys Players Championship Week 13

2019 FFPC Waiver Wire Results

Waiver Run All Leagues Main Event FBguys FPC Satellites Dynasty Other Week 15 Run #1 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 14 Run #2 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 14 Run #1 [Adds] [Drops]

Predict the 2019 FFPC Main Event Winner

FFPC – Field of 64 – Who’s the favorite to win the 2019 Main Event?   1 Player 1 16 Player 16   8 Player 8 9 Player 9   5 Player 5 12 Player 12   4 Player 4 13 Player 13   6

2018 Pros vs Joes League Winning Rosters

Pictured are the drafts of the league winning teams from 2018 Pros vs Joes. Each team has its positional roster construction summarized at the top,  its draft slot (above team name), and then the picks made by each team during their respective draft. These are

2019 Pros Vs Joes Leagues

All drafts are broadcast on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour Draft Boards Draft #1 – No Pain! – Sunday July 21, 8:00 pm Eastern Draft #2 – It’s Not About Money! – Monday July 22, 9:00 pm Eastern Draft #3 – I Want You!

2019 Pros Vs Joes Best Ball Challenge

Who are the real “experts” in fantasy football? Are they the players who risk thousands of dollars in entry fees to enter high stakes fantasy football leagues? Or are they the industry faces who create the articles, podcasts, and player rankings that fantasy players consume?

2019 FFPC ADP Master Index

Main Event September August Footballguys September August July June May Classic Note: Classic ADP is the closest approximation to Main Event or FBGuys ADP. Same 20 round format, but tournament “dart throws” usually go 1-1.5 rounds earlier in the Main or FBGuys Yesterday July Best

2018 Best Ball Optimized Player Analysis – Summary

The data below takes 2018 weekly player stats and applies a scoring system based on characteristics that make a player attractive in the Best Ball format. This emphasizes the importance of a player delivering a minimum point total (ie floor) on a weekly basis, and