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2019 FFPC Playoff Challenge Strategy Guide and Optimizer

The FFPC Playoff Challenge is back again for 2019. For those that are new to this competition, we would like to give an overview of the competition, some historical data to look at, and provide a framework (AND TOOL) for putting together your lineups that

2019 FFPC Player Owned/Started Percentages

Date Main Event and FBGuys Championship Round Monday 12/23 – Championship Rd Week 3 [Report] Friday 12/20 – Championship Rd Week 3 [Report] Monday 12/17 – Championship Rd Week 2 [Report] Sunday 12/08 – Championship Rd Week 1 [Report] Tuesday 12/03 – Championship Rd Week

2019 FFPC Waiver Wire Results

Waiver Run All Leagues Main Event FBguys FPC Satellites Dynasty Other Week 16 Run #2 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 16 Run #1 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 15 Run #2 [Adds] [Drops]