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Anatomy of a March Best Ball Draft – Part 5

[Rds 1-2][Rds 3-4][Rds 5-7][Rds 8-12][Rds 13-20] Rounds 21 – 28 With their last 8 picks, Team 1 drafts 3 defenses and fills in the remaining 5 with a mix of RBs and WRs. Great way to end the draft , addressing the defense late in

Anatomy of a March Best Ball Draft – Part 4

[Rds 1-2][Rds 3-4][Rds 5-7][Rds 8-12] [Rds 21-28] We cover seven rounds in this part of analysis, from round 13 to round 20. Rounds 13 – 20 Thus far team 1 has its core defined, though with only 3 wide receivers in the first 12 rounds,

Anatomy of a March Best Ball Draft – Part 3

[Rds 1-2][Rds 3-4][Rds 5-7][Rds 13 -20] This installment of the FFPC Best Ball league analysis covers a bit more ground as we review 5 rounds of picks covering rounds 8 through 12. The theme of these five rounds is red and purple. 50% OF THE

Anatomy of a March Best Ball Draft – Part 2

[Rds 1-2][Rds 3-4][Rds 8-12][Rds 13 -20] Rounds 5 – 7 With your top 4 picks in hand, you really have to assess your positional makeup so as to not go too far down the road on any particular position and really compromise the talent level

Anatomy of a March Best Ball Draft

[Rds 1-2][Rds 3-4][Rds 5-7][Rds 8-12][Rds 13 -20][Rds 21 -28] It’s only March, but that’s a fine time to begin entering drafts, getting familiar with the player pool, and sharpening those draft skills. A steady dose of slow drafts as we march towards opening day allows


Why is our ADP so good? Classic   (Same 20 rd format as Footballguys Championship and Main Event) Best Ball Superflex Best Ball Dynasty Startup Dynasty Rookie Footballguys Main Event Last 2 Days Last 2 Days Last 14 Days June-August 2018 May-July 2018 September September

2018 Pros Vs Joes

Who are the real “experts” in fantasy football? Are they the people who risk thousands of dollars in entry fees to enter high stakes fantasy football leagues? Or are they the people whose articles and player rankings that we read on a daily basis across