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Best Ball ADP – 2019 FFPC February

Best Ball Satellites drafted Friday 02/01 thru Thursday 02/28 (generated Feb-20-2019 07:08) Overall Player Drafted Position Leagues Drafted Min Draft Pos Avg Draft Pos Max Draft Pos 1 Saquon Barkley RB 25 1 (1.1) 1 (1.1) 3 (1.3) 2 Christian McCaffrey RB 25 2 (1.2)

2018 FFPC League Prize Winners

See the prize winners, draft board, and rosters for most every FFPC league drafted in 2018. The google doc below contains a listing of most all 2018 FFPC league winners with the prize(s) they received. All 2018 FFPC Prize Winners Members can dive deeper. View

2018 FFPC Leagues

See the draft board, draft report, and rosters for EVERY FFPC league drafted in 2018. League data broken down by league type Main Event Footballguys Classic Best Ball Dynasty Other Super Bracket Terminator Varsity Big Payback High Society Auction

2018 FFPC Waiver Wire Results

Waiver Run All Leagues Main Event FBguys FPC Satellites Dynasty Other Week 16 Run #2 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 16 Run #1 [Adds] [Drops] [N/A] [N/A] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] [Adds] [Drops] Week 15 Run #2 [Adds] [Drops]

2018 Pros Vs Joes Leagues

All drafts are broadcast on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour Draft Boards Draft #1 – Eggos – Sunday July 22, 8:00 pm Eastern Draft #2 – The Upside Down – Monday July 23, 9:00 pm Eastern Draft #3 – Rudy Does It Again –